STEELSERIES Mousepad Gaming 3HD


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All mousepads from SteelSeries are thoroughly researched, tested and optimized for gaming. By definition, a true gaming product is superior to any other piece of computer hardware and accessory. Gamers constantly make split-second decisions, razor-sharp movements and use their equipment much more extensively than practically any other consumer group in the world. That's why SteelSeries spends so much time testing materials, durability, glide, precision and compatibility. And why there's no compromise on any of the above. And that means SteelSeries surfaces provide unparalleled performance and precision. The bottom line is, if you want to maximize your game, you have to maximize your equipment.Compressed fibers add stain and water resistance to several SteelSeries surfaces (NP+ pictured)Associated with some of the best players in the world of esports (SX pictured)Achieve maximum gaming accuracy with non-slip rubber bases (NP+ pictured)


  • Mousepad gaming
  • 4 layer process
  • High definition mouse surface
  • Unit Utama

    Kesesuaian / Kecocokan Gaming
    Material / Bahan Hard Plastic
    Fitur HD surface offers superior tracking|_|_|Finely textured plastic composition|_|_|Steady glide, medium friction|_|_|Small size – fits every table
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