KORG Desktop Metronome LMA120


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Another full featured metronome from Korg, but with a twist! The extra large 'flip-up' LCD display makes it easier than ever to use, but also easier to store. The functions you would expect from Korg, and more! A tempo range of 30 to 252, but you can set it by three methods - either 1 bpm steps, 'pendulum mode' to mimic a mechanical metronome, or TAP mode. The ten different beats and six different rhythms can be combined to cover a very wide range of styles. A built-in timer/stopwatch help with practice sessions, the Sound Out mode produces a reference pitch from C4-C5, and the A4 reference can beadjusted from 410 to 480 Hz. The most outstanding feature is the unique Conducting Motion display. This newly developed method shows three bars moving on the large LCD in a way similar to a conductor's baton to display the tempo in an intuitive way. Accelerating motion lets you see the tempo in a natural musical way, rather than just hearing it


  • Tempo Range 30-252Bpm
  • 1 Steps
  • Pendulum Mode
  • TAP Mode
  • 10 Different Beats
  • 6 Different Rhythms
  • LCD Display

    Display Flip-Up LCD Display
    Dimensi Produk 4&#34 W x 3.5&#34 H x 0.75&#34 D
    Garansi 12 Bulan dari Distributor Resmi di Indonesia
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