H3C S6520X-18C-SI L3 Ethernet Switch [LS-6520X-18C-SI-GL]


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Bhinneka, PKP, Jakarta Utara



  • Switch Managed
  • 16 × 1/10GE SFP+ fiber ports
  • 1 x Expansion slots
  • 1 x Console ports
  • 1 x USB ports
  • Switching capacity : 480Gbps
  • Packet forwarding rate : 357Mpps
  • Max. power consumption : AC: 96W
  • Voltage Range : 100 - 240 VAC @ 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Unit Utama

    Switching features Intelligent Resilient Framework 2 (IRF2)|_|_|Intelligent Resilient Framework 3.1 (IRF3.1)|_|_|Distributed device management|_|_|Distributed link aggregation|_|_|Stacking through standard Ethernet ports|_|_|Local device stacking and remote device stacking|_|_|LACP-, BFD-, and ARP-based multi-active detection (MAD)|_|_|10GE/40GE port aggregation|_|_|Static aggregation|_|_|Jumbo frame|_|_|MAC address table|_|_|OpenFlow 1.3.1|_|_|VXLAN L2 switching|_|_|VXLAN L3 routing|_|_|VXLAN VTEP|_|_|IS-IS+ENDP distributed control plane|_|_|OpenFlow+Netconf centralized control plane|_|_|Port-based VLAN (up to 4094 VLANs)|_|_|Default VLAN|_|_|QinQ and flexible QinQ|_|_|VLAN mapping|_|_|PVST+ and RPVST+|_|_|sFLOW|_|_|DHCP|_|_|ARP|_|_|IPv4/IPv6 static routing|_|_|Dynamic routing such as RIP v1/2 and RIPng|_|_|Policy routing|_|_|OSPFv1/v2/v3|_|_|Equal-cost multi-path routing (ECMP)|_|_|IS-IS|_|_|IPv6 Portal|_|_|IPv6 tunnel|_|_|IGMP Snooping v2/v3|_|_|IGMP Snooping fast-leave|_|_|PIM snooping|_|_|Zero configuration|_|_|Strom suppression|_|_|Loop-free redundant Layer 2 topology|_|_|QoS/ACL|_|_|Mirroring|_|_|MAC-based authentication|_|_|802.1X|_|_|AAA authentication|_|_|RADIUS authentication|_|_|SSH2.0|_|_|HTTPs|_|_|SSL|_|_|IP source guard|_|_|Management and maintenance|_|_|Loading and upgrading
    Others Switching capacity : 480Gbps|_|_|Packet forwarding rate : 357Mpps|_|_|Flash/SDRAM : 1GB/2GB|_|_|Max. power consumption : 96-97W|_|_|Operating temperature : 0ºC to 45ºC (32°F to 113°F)|_|_|Operating humidity : 10% RH to 90% RH, non-condensing
    Manageable Yes
    Input Frequency 50~60Hz
    Power Supply AC 100~240V
    Ports 16 x 1/10GE SFP+ fiber ports|_|_|1 x Console ports|_|_|1 x Management Ethernet ports|_|_|1 x USB ports
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