FEIYU Gimbal Stabilizer G6 Max


Rp 3.733.000

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1 Year (Local Official Distributor Warranty)

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Total: Rp 3.733.000

Bhinneka, PKP, Jakarta Utara



  • 3-axis motor lock
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Rotatable Range : Tilting range: 280° (with limitation) | Rolling range: 330° (with limitation) | Panning range: 360° (without limitation)
  • Balancing : Unlock axis motor | Tilt axis balance | Roll Pan axis balance
  • Battery type : 2200mAh
  • USB-C port
  • Payload : up to 1.2 kg
  • Splash proof
  • Compatible for Sony/Canon/Panasonic/Action Cam/Smartphone
  • Unit Utama

    Others Sliding designed quick release plate with anti-drop screws to release the camera quickly|_|_|3-axis motor lock, assist to balance and store the gimbal conveniently|_|_|Ergonomic handle design|_|_|Increase the size of OLED display screen|_|_|NEW USB-C port to control the camera photography / video recording/zoom quick smoothly with USB C cable connection|_|_|The operation experience of Multi-function knob is highly improved, accurately to operate and elegantly to touch|_|_|Just one tap to enter Inception mode to do auto-rotation movement, Any rotating angle is available at inception mode|_|_|Just one tap to enter/exit Portrait mode for Tik Tok or Livestream, no need any other extra adapter or re-balance the gimbal again and again|_|_|Set motion time-lapse and the route clearly by guide steps of display on gimbal|_|_|Set up long exposure time lapse easily on touch display via cable control way|_|_|Excellent splash-proof technology|_|_|When equipped with optional wireless MIC kit, it can collect high quality sound to help you take VLOG/Tik Tok video more vividly|_|_|With 1/4 inch thread hole each on the side and bottom of handle, it allows you to adapt more accessories|_|_|2200mAh battery capacity provides 9h working time for the whole day usage|_|_|360-degree at single-axis/two-axis/three-axis all follow without limitation, suitable for most shooting scenes|_|_|Compatible for Sony Mirrorless camera/Canon Mirrorless camera/Panasonic Mirrorless camera/Action Cam/Other Mirrorless camera/Smartphone|_|_|Rotatable Range : Tilting range: 280° (with limitation) | Rolling range: 330° (with limitation) | Panning range: 360° (without limitation)
    Load Capacity 1.2 kg
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