ARUBA JL815A Instant On 1830 48G 24p Class4 PoE 4SFP 370W Switch


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  • Port : 4x RJ-45 10/100/1000 Class 4 PoE ports; 4x SFP 1GbE ports
  • Switching Capacity : 104 Gbps
  • Throughput : 77.37 Mpps
  • MAC Address Table Size : 16K
  • PoE Capability : 370W
  • Power Supply : 100 - 240 VAC
  • Unit Utama

    Ports 4x RJ-45 10/100/1000 Class 4 PoE ports|_|_|4x SFP 1GbE ports
    Berat Produk 4.94 kg
    Switching features Two-Factor Authentication (2fa)|_|_|Site Inventory And Topology View|_|_|Easy Set Up and Management|_|_|Multi-Site Remote Management|_|_|Cloud-Based Management|_|_|Simple Local Web GUI Management|_|_|Secure Web-Management Sessions With HTTPS|_|_|Configuration File Management|_|_|DHCP Client Mode|_|_|Management VLAN ID|_|_|Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)|_|_|Class of Service (CoS)|_|_|Auto MDI/MDI-X|_|_|Auto-negotiating capability|_|_|1G fiber connectivity|_|_|Ethernet Alliance PSE Class 4 PoE Certification|_|_|Ethernet Alliance PD Class 3 PoE Certification|_|_|Auto-PoE power configuration|_|_|PoE power allocation|_|_|PoE Scheduling|_|_|Port Scheduling|_|_|Flow control|_|_|Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)|_|_|Loop protection|_|_|IGMP v1, v2 snooping|_|_|Link aggregation|_|_|Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)|_|_|VLAN support|_|_|Port mirroring|_|_|Auto recovery|_|_|TPM-based security|_|_|Global Storm Control|_|_|Automatic denial-of-service protection|_|_|Jumbo frame support|_|_|User account management|_|_|Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)|_|_|SNMPv1, v2c (read only)|_|_|Session logging|_|_|Remote syslog|_|_|Support file
    Dimensi Produk 35.10 x 44.30 x 4.39 cm
    Manageable Yes
    Others Switching Capacity : 104 Gbps|_|_|Throughput : 77.37 Mpps|_|_|MAC Address Table Size : 16K|_|_|PoE Capability : 370W|_|_|Processor & Memory : ARM Cortex-A9 @ 800MHz, 512 MB SDRAM, 256 MB flash; packet buffer: 1.5MB|_|_|100 Mb latency : < 5.2 uSec|_|_|1000 Mb latency : < 2.8 uSec|_|_|Reliability MTBF (years) : 83.5|_|_|Operating temperature : 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)|_|_|Operating relative humidity : 15% to 95% @ 104°F (40°C)|_|_|Nonoperating/ storage temperature : -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)|_|_|Nonoperating/ storage relative humidity : 15% to 95% @ 140°F (60°C)|_|_|Maximum power rating : 100-127V: 462.5W 200-220V: 452.5W|_|_|Idle power : 100-127V: 25.8W; 200-220V: 25.4W
    Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC, 5.2A/2.6A, 50Hz/60Hz
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